Ilene Hill announces publication of her inspirational memoir,
Life Stinks and Then . . . You Live!

Ilene Hill has a lot to say to anyone who’s undergone major medical trauma, their families and friends — and even their doctors. A no-nonsense woman who once, on the spur of the moment, began knocking down a kitchen wall to remodel the room, she learned the hard way how to knock down walls within the medical establishment and become her own advocate.

Ilene’s journey began in 1987, when the headaches that had plagued her all her life worsened dramatically after the birth of her son, Eric. The first of six brain surgeries followed. Her medical problem was unusual, but her travails as a patient are all too familiar — busy doctors making too-quick recommendations or incorrect diagnoses and uncooperative insurance companies denying much-needed coverage.

Despite episodes of double vision, crippling headaches, and even memory loss, Ilene stayed focused on obtaining an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. After a decade of struggle, she found a doctor who looked outside the box to correctly diagnose a rare but operable brain tumor. Although her insurance provider resisted, Ilene flew to North Carolina for an operation performed by the world’s expert in her condition.

Matter-of-factly and with humor, Life Stinks and Then . . . You Live! tells how Ilene coped with health crises and surgical fiascos while leading the overextended life common to today’s working mom. “Life doesn’t wait one second for you to heal, and no matter how you feel, the kids still need to have dinner on the table and get to hockey,” she says with a rueful smile.


Life Stinks and Then . . . You Live! (ISBN 978-0-615-34930-5) is available for purchase at Main Floor Covering Carpet One, 1224 S. Main Street, Royal Oak, Michigan, for $13.95 plus tax (add $4.00 to e-mail orders for shipping and handling), or at Barnes & Noble, 500 S. Main Street, Royal Oak, Michigan ( For more information, contact Ilene Hill at or visit her website at

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